• Walking Around Atwater Village in my Rothy’s

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    If there’s one thing I miss about living on the East Coast it’s WALKING! Danny and I would walk for hours around Boston, miles long without even realizing it. In LA, walking isn’t really a thing so whenever I have an opportunity to walk, I take it!

    We are lucky enough to live close to Atwater Village, which is very cute and very walkable neighborhood in LA. The streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, juice bars, ice cream shops, bookstores, record stores, you name it! Everything is less than a mile walk from my apartment so I really take advantage of the days I have free to make the walk.

    Rothy’s shoes are such a great everyday shoe, they are so comfortable they feel like they mold to your foot, you forget you’re even wearing shoes. The stretch knit fabric really just snuggles around your feet for the perfect fit. What’s actually really cool about them though is that they are made from PLASTIC! Like how! To be specific they are made from consumer plastic bottles so they are literally taking recycling water bottles to make these treasures. To be honest usually when you think of product made this way you don’t think they are going to be very fashionable but these shoes are SUPER cute with classic silhouettes which allows you to wear them with so many different options. And you do a small part to help save the planet by wearing them.

    I’ve done a few walking trips in my Rothy’s and they definitely didn’t disappoint. My favorite Cafe in Atwater Village is Black Elephant Coffee. They have THE BEST Chai latte I’ve had in the city. It’s small  but very quaint with indoor and outdoor seating. Perfect place get some work done when I don’t feel like being at home or in the office.

    After hanging at the cafe a bit, I love strolling around and peeking my head in the cute little stores. There’s a cute bookstore called Alias Books that has a little seating area in the back you can browse and read the books.

    Some other spots I love in Atwater Village include:

    The Juice: A juice bar where you can get fresh pressed juice

    Create: A place for kids to create things!  From water color paintings to knitting, it’s really perfect for young kids.

    The Art Room LA: Where the adults get to create! Perfect for a paint and sip night!

    Wanderlust creamery: You had me at ice cream!

    Bon Vivant: My favorite cafe! I always come here for lunch dates and sometimes they even have live music. I love that they have really fresh healthy options to eat and I’m so in love with the vibe!

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