• Vintage Denim

    2020 Ave dress | H&M top | Vintage denim shorts via Wasteland | Zara sandals | Cynthia Rowley bag | Prada baroque sunglasses
    Photos by Daniel Andre
    A trip to Wasteland had me face to face with these high waisted denim shorts, a style that has been around since the 50’s and I’m pretty sure is going nowhere fast. I wore this outfit on a silly day roaming around Weho on Sunset in the scolding heat which I am currently hiding from in my nice cool apartment at the moment.
    I couldn’t quite make this dress work as a dress on me, but left open it makes for a cool long vest thingy (that’s a technical term).  I’ve been crazy busy lately working on some projects I can’t wait to share with you all. So stay tuned!
    Until then, xo




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