• Two Sides of The Desert: Hyatt Regency Indian Wells

    The second part of our trip was at Hyatt Regency Indians Wells Resort & Spa. This was more of a relaxing part of the trip which included spas, pool time, and of course more delicious food!

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    Day 4

    I got home at 4am after going to Melissa’s wedding on Friday so when I woke up Saturday morning the first thing I wanted was FOOD. But I woke up late of course and had to meet everyone for a tour of the resort. So I scarfed down a delicious room serviced b-fast and ran out the door with my strawberry banana shake in hand. I met them just in time as they were heading up the elevator! *phew We walked around and got a full tour of property which included the spa, gym, 7 pools, gorgeous terrace and restaurant with fire pits. The view from clubhouse was gorgeous too!

    We even got to see some of the other room options they offer including two bedroom suites that have their own hot tub on a private patio outside and it comes with a butler!

    Now about my room….it was a suite with an area designated as the “living room” with a patio that had an amazing view overlooking the golf course and mountains. The bathroom had a bath and a shower and the TV in the room had to at least be a 65 inches. It really felt like a mini home away from home.

    After the tour, I chilled by the pool in our own private cabana that had a TV in it. I honestly felt a little spoiled…in a good way. This was the relaxing part of the trip that I so needed. Pool time was pleasantly interrupted by spa time where I got an 80 minute massage at the spa on site. At first I was second guessing an 80 minute massage, it seemed kind of long, but once I laid on that table it flew by. I haven’t had massage in YEARS so this was much needed. They even have a little spa retreat you can hang out in afterwards to continue the relaxation.

    But I chose to go back to the pool!

    Later we met up with every one for the Lantana Tasting Reception at the Verbena Terrace, The Terrace is just absolutely stunning and the food…Well you know where I’m going with that. The food was ridiculous and after talking to Chef Chris Mitchum, I could see why. They only use the finest ingredients and keep it as local as possible….I seriously would go back their just for the food. No seriously.

    After I ate the entire menu we headed off to a tour of the Tennis Gardens where they were hosting the Desert Jazz Festival .Brian Culbertson and Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers were talent lineup. It was a nice breezy night as we listened to some amazing musicians and of course ate some more. I ate so much on this trip, I honestly did not care cause everything was so good.

    Then we called it a night and just did some night walking with Nina around the resort before heading to bed.

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    Day 5

    This was checkout day which I was not looking forward to. I wish I had more time at the second resort because it was SO relaxing. But I took full advantage of the morning with a late checkout. We slept in, had breakfast out on the patio overlooking the view, and then ending the morning with a little more pool time. Driving home was a little bitter sweet. The desert is really starting to become one of my favorite local getaways.

    There’s a video coming soon of our trip so stay tuned!



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