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    20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_217720140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2254 20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_219320140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2204 20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_220720140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2255 20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2211 20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2230 20140926_missguided-trench-coat-pixie-cut-locksandtrinkets_2245Currently in love with this sleeveless trench coat from Missguided. It’s basically everything and perfect for this fake fall weather we’ve been experiencing lately. I have so many jackets and sweaters I’m dying to wear and seeing as I’m headed to Texas next week I guess Fall will just have to wait. But I’m so excited to see my babes and embark on a road trip, stay tuned.

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    Wearing: Missguided sleeveless trench coat, Dittos high waist jeans, ASOS crop top



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    1. 14th October 2014 / 12:05 pm

      You rock fashion well!

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