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    20141007_317820141007_334620141007_319520141007_3284 20141007_3234 20141007_3248 20141007_327620141007_3187 20141007_328520141007_3350Usually when traveling I’m in my most comfortable clothes which usually entails an oversized shirt and pants with a lot of stretch because I hate being cramped in a little airport seat and I need to be able to be relaxed as much a possible. In this moment comfort trumps fashion. But believe it or not I wore this to my trip to Texas last week and I was super comfortable. I knew I wouldn’t have time to change after the plane landed so I had to dress for the day and turns out I can be cute and comfy on a flight. Guess I don’t have an excuse when being lazy on my next flight.

    Wearing: Lulus.com vest, ASOS crop top, Uniqlo jeans, Jimmy Choo “anouk” heels, Zero UV sunnies




      18th October 2014 / 8:32 am

      I LOVE THE OUTFIT.. loibdressy.blogspot.com

      • Enocha Tellus
        18th October 2014 / 11:46 pm


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