• To My Valentine

    As the years roll by I feel like Valentine’s Day is loosing it’s steam. It used to be the day where people would pull out the stops for their significant other, spend loads of money on dinner with a prefix menu, and  making reservations weeks in advance. They adorn each other in jewelry and fancy gifts. Clearly this holiday is a marketers dream and even though I’ve never truly celebrated Valentine’s Day I do love this holiday for the simple fact that it revolves around love and I love love.

    Now when people think of love they immediately think of the intimate dating/married type of love. But I’m talking about the general concept of love. It’s beautiful and my favorite love is the love we have for ourselves. Some days it’s harder then others and even though I love my bae, I do think it’s important to learn how to love yourself first before you try to spread love to others.

    Sometimes it’s the hardest kind to express but even if it’s just buying a little treat for yourself or looking at your reflection in the mirror and smiling, it’s so important to show yourself some love. How you love yourself is the standard in which people will love you. I had to learn that one the hard way and it’s something I consistently work on. Why on earth it’s so easy to love other’s more then ourselves is so perplexing to me.

    But there’s no greater feeling then to feel good in your skin. So even if you have a bae don’t forget to say happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    Wearing: Endless Summer dress, Pour La Victoire mules



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    1. 14th February 2018 / 9:57 am

      Beautiful!! I loved reading this. your outfit is also so dope! -Lesson learned=How you love yourself is the standard in which people will love you.!! thanks for sharing girl!
      Pauline @the.style.concession

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