• Threadflip

    There’s a new site with a GENIUS idea, kind of makes me wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Threadflip allows users to be part of a community where they can sell and buy clothes, shoes and accessories with other users. If you’re anything like me, you probably have lots of clothes lying around that are perfectly fine but you just don’t wear them. Now you can Flip them.

    Threadflip lets you trade those items for pieces you will love or just sell them for cash and buy yourself some new things! Even better is that you don’t have to leave your house to sell, Threadflip will send you a shipping care package with everything you need. Perfect solution right? I just joined and I have invitations for all my readers, right now it’s invitation only so if you vote in the competition below shoot me a message and I will send you your own personal invite to Threadflip!
    I’ve also entered a competition to win a blogging contract with Threadflip. I will love you long time if you VOTE just click the photo below and click VOTE. Easy Peasy xoxo




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