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    zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8854zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8783zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8844 zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8791 zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8808zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8847 zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8818zara-metallic-flats-flatform-sneakers_8862Walking down the Santa Monica pier with my babes never gets old because he literally is the best people watcher and likes to make up stories as each new face walks by. Well, I say “make up” but I know he’s convinced his stories are accurate. While I’m not a huge people watcher (unless someone has on a cute outfit) I do think its interesting that every one you pass each day has their own background story. It’s a nice reminder that there’s a whole big world out there and my first world problems are not that serious.

    Wearing: Rayban sunnies, ASOS crop top, Moda Express high waist ripped jeans, 67 sneakers

    p.s. We did see a couple in a heated argument resulting  in a smack across the face and the guy chasing after her pleading. (yes, we followed them for a sec…don’t judge) And yes, we did make up a story as to what happened but I’ll  leave that to your imagination…

    What’s the craziest people watching story you’ve encountered? Now I’m curios… lol



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