• The Importance of Dreaming

    martin-luther-king-jr-keep-moving-quote-3If you do not have a dream then what are you awake for? I love to take this holiday and remind myself of the importance of dreams and how much I am willing to fight for them. How far would you go to live or protect your dream? Would you risk your life? When I think about all the people who marched and died for our rights it empowers me a little more to NEVER GIVE UP. Even if you don’t see the change right away or even live to see your dream come to fruition, the simple fact of taking steps towards it is all that matters.

    Watching the movie Selma and relating it to all the recent marches going on in support of black lives is a strong reminder that we still have work to do. In the end, MLK day is not about race to me, it’s about having a dream, supporting people, having love in your heart and doing all you can to make the world a better place.

    Although I have my physical goals, that is really what I strive for in life, to leave it a little better than when I came.


    Happy MLK day. According to my 5 year old nephew, “he was a good man” 🙂 May his dream and lessons live on through us.


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