• The 50 Things You Need To Do For A Relationship To Last

    IMG_3597When you’re in your mid twenties you see a lot of relationships come and go. Whether it’s you or friends or celebrities (lol) people especially in this day and age, don’t really understand how to stick it out in my opinion. I came across this article on Thought Catalog and thought it was very interesting. It’s kind of a long read but very intriguing and true. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s definitely worth the read. (Many of these work for everyday relationships you have with people in general, not just a significant other.)

    p.s. These cute kids are my niece and nephew Aiden and Nya. They actually don’t get along that well (well Aiden’s a little jealous, Nya doesn’t know the difference) Perhaps Aiden needs to read some of these lol

    1. Burn your blueprint.

    Rid yourself of whatever fantasies you harbor about the bliss of coupled life. They’re not helping. There is no script, so don’t be disappointed when your fairytale gets hijacked.

    2. Forgive.

    Didn’t Jesus say something about forgiving someone not just seven times but seventy times seven? That would be 490 times….which should last you through your first 6 months. Jesus underestimated because, remember, he wasn’t married.

    3. And forget.

    If you forgive but don’t forget, did you really forgive? I know people who claim to have forgiven but still use every available opportunity to bring it up. And if you don’t want to forgive, forgetting works just as well.

    4. Be a good teammate.

    Life can come at you hard. One of the nice things about marriage and relationships is being able to have someone else in the bunker when you’re getting shelled.

    5. Grow.

    If you still have the same desires, opinions and beliefs at age 50 that you did at age 25, that’s your own damn fault. You will not, and should not, be the same person you were then.

    6. And adapt.

    Even if you stagnate, the person you’re in a relationship with will change. Don’t fight it. Embrace it, learn from it, be thankful for it.

    7. Find your faith.

    There is great comfort in believing in something or someone beyond our crude human existence. Explore this belief. Take this journey together.

    8. Travel together.

    Travel forces couples to rely on one another in unpredictable ways. It will also broaden your worldview and the way you value your relationship.

    9. Travel separately.

    I want to go to Australia and you want to go to Maine? Cool. Take lots of pictures. See you in a week.

    10. Develop your own interests.

    It seems counter-intuitive, but you will enhance your relationship when you pursue your separate interests.

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    1. Tobi
      7th February 2014 / 10:42 am

      I love this 🙂

    2. 7th February 2014 / 2:06 pm

      I just read this! I’m in my late twenties and still fighting off the fantasy that I have in my life of the perfect guy.

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