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    20140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_1343 20140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_136420140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_1372 20140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_136920140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_139020140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_140220140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_140820140920_pencil-skirt-theyskens-theory-locks-and-trinkets_1454It’s funny that I’m known in LA for switching up my hairstyle because up until 2 years ago I had the same hair for basically ever. But there’s something so revitalizing about switching up your hair. I must admit at first I was a little iffy on it but the next day I loved it. I feel like a whole new me.

    Wearing ASOS high neck crop top, ASOS pencil skirt, Theysken’s Thoery pumps, Zero UV sunnies, Lulus.com clutch



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