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    My trip home to Boston turned out to be much longer than anticipated. Sometimes I have FOMO of what I’m missing back in LA, but then I realize I should make the best of my time home. My favorite part of being from a city like Boston is that I get to walk! Every time I come home I realize how much I miss just walking everywhere, to the store, to work, to dinner, or for no reason at all!

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    DSC08182 [/dahz_framework_column][/dahz_framework_row]DSC08120When I went out to explore the city a bit, I decided to take my TEVA sandals out for a spin. I have never worn TEVA sandals before so I wasn’t sure what I was in for. They turned out to be the best walking shoes ever! So ridiculously comfortable. In my old age (I kid I kid) I’ve been valuing comfort more and more so anything that allows me to feel good but still look cute I am all for! DSC08186 DSC08222 DSC08233Sometimes when you’re walking around the city you don’t even realize how many steps you’ve taken or miles you’ve walked. The other day I walked over 15, 000 steps and the crazy part is I didn’t think about my feet one time. I can’t wait to bring my TEVA sandals on vacation with me in a couple weeks. I’m going to Costa Rica and it’s going to be a lot of exploring and a lot of walking. I hate wearing closed toe shoes in the heat so I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds with the TEVA sandals. Shoes that can handle the outdoor adventures and are also comfortable and stylish.

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    Zappos.com has so many different styles of TEVA sandals it was hard to pick which ones I wanted and I wasn’t sure what size to get. But thankful for their easy shipping and return policies that made the decision a little easier to make since it’s so hassle free. You have 365 days to return an item, I mean if thats not super stress free I don’t know what is. I love online shopping but I only shop at stores that have fast shipping and easy return policies. But I definitely wont be returning these sandals as I’ve already been wearing them everyday since I got them!

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      3rd July 2017 / 3:28 pm

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