• Teva At Hangout Festival

    Recently I’ve gotten really into music festivals. I have to admit I didn’t really see the draw before but after attending a few I have to say they are SO FUN! Where else can you see so many of your favorite performers surrounded by good vibes and fun activities?! I had the pleasure of attending Hangout Festival with Teva this past week and after this experience I’m sold on festivals. I have never been to Alabama and have to admit I wasn’t really sure what I was in for but it’s probably one of the best festivals I’ve been to.

    HIM: TEVA Original Universal in black

    HER: TEVA Original Moto sandal in red

    First of all, it’s right on the beach which came in handy that I had my Teva sandals. They were perfect from land, to sand, to water. It was cool because you could literally lounge on the beach one minute then head to see your favorite artist the next. There were food trucks and food stands everywhere and the VIP section had free drinks, food, snacks, and a tent area so you could get shade. The sun was HOT so it was nice to have a little Oasis.

    TEVA Flatform Universal Shine

    But that’s not all, the festival even had a roller skating rink, a foam party, an area where you can kiss puppies ( no seriously) massive blow up swans you could lounge on, a Ferris wheel, a ton of stages to choose from each hosting different artist throughout the day.

    Teva, had a cool Outpost set up where you could peruse their collection and purchase right on the spot (genius). The bus they had set up was so cool, you know I had to stop and take a photo. They were even customizing the sandals right on the spot with cute little patches.

    TEVA Hurricane Sandal in deep wysteria

    HIM: TEVA Terra Flow 2 Knit Universal in Navy

    HIM: TEVA Hurricane XLT 2 in white

    Teva has honestly become my favorite pair of shoes to wear when traveling and now for festivals. They are super comfortable and really versatile, I could wear them with everything I brought. I love how Danny paired his with socks. I think I want to try that next time. I can’t have him going around with more swag then me! At this rate I’m not sure what other shoe I could take with me on a trip that’s so versatile and I’m not mad about it. I am a TEVA lover.

    SO what festival should I go to next?!



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