• Teashot

    The tea junkie in me was so excited to try Tea Shot in downtown LA. I mean it’s tea, no need to say anything else. They use all natural ingredients and have organic tea options. I try to only ever drink organic tea because otherwise it’s kind of like steaming pesticides! You can build your own tea or they have specialty tea drinks that are so cute and colorful. We of course wanted the works and tried the fanciest drinks with cotton candy on top.

    They also have cookie shots you can fill with your choice of milk with whipped cream on top. We definitely went a little overboard but if I have an excuse to eat a cookie I will!

    We got the Love Latte which is pack full of antioxidants and the Sunset tea. It’s so cool that they can make the colors layer like that! I was more of a fan of the  Sunset tea, the Love latte was a bit medicinal for me but if I was feeling not 100% one day I would definitely order it for a boost! There were so many other teas there I wanted to try but I didn’t want to go crazy. Guess that means we just have to come back again!

    Wearing: Zara dress, Zara shoes, Thacker backpack



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