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    20160124_7255 20160124_7258 20160124_7262 20160124_7271 20160124_7296 20160124_7347 20160124_7398 20160124_7419 20160124_7441 20160124_7480This post is sponsored by Target.

    Believe it or not, I’ve never felt comfortable in a swimsuit. When I’m swimming yes, but the way girls wear them nowadays just to lie around the pool or at summer parties, it was never me. It’s just so much EXPOSURE. And honestly, with my body type and having my hips and butt larger than my waist, I always have issues with finding a flattering fit. I used to be super skinny and, since I got my woman curves, I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little self-conscious. How do you sit in them and stay cute while everyone looks at your rolls? How do you not expose your lady bits? And God forbid any shaving mishaps. It’s just too much pressure; I can’t handle it.

    But…..I’ve managed to find ways to feel sexy and not too over-exposed thanks to one-pieces, which are my favorite style to wear. So this summer I’m working with Target to have #NOFOMO and rock my swimsuit at the next party without feeling like my whole booty is exposed to the world. And, honestly, I’m not going to worry about whether I have the skinniest body or compare myself to others.

    A strapless one-piece like this black and white one is fun because it’s covered up but a little sexy in the back. For a party or an event that calls for a sexy and fun summer look but that doesn’t involve actually getting wet (we all know those parties), this one is perfect. I love a mono-kini cause it’s just on the brink of a bikini, allowing me to feel sexy and chic all in one. And the sheer one is just undeniable. It’s so sexy, I couldn’t believe it was from Target! Plus it makes me look like I have abs, which is always a good thing. Also, don’t forget that Target offers free shipping and returns, so you can order online and try on your swimsuits at home to see what looks best on you. Just send back whatever doesn’t work!

    My best advice when shopping for swimsuits is to bring a friend who will give you an HONEST opinion. Because friends don’t let friends have all their lady bits hanging out.
    Am I the only one that feels insecure in a swimsuit? Then take #NOFOMO pledge with me! We can be naked together lol

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