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    cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2724cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2779 cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2791cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2863 cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2797 cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2834 cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2848cosette-clothing-louboutin-so-kate-suspender-trousers_20150908_2734Stepping out of a LBD to these suspender trousers via Cosette. I love Fall because I feel like that’s when I can really dress. During summer I’m honestly too hot too care. Not like this weather looks like it’s cooling down anytime soon but I’m still dressing for Fall, I don’t care. xx

    Wearing: Cosette suspender trousers, Boohoo bodysuit, ASOS hat, Christian Louboutin heels




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