• Summer Layers

    motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2080motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2114 motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2089motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2093 motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2107 motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2109motel-rocks-two-piece-suit-michael-antonio-jeselle_2090I wear layers in the “summer” because I hate AC and I hate when feeling even the tiniest bit of cold. Even a quick cool breeze will do it. So I always bring a trusty layer with me to save the day!




    1. 26th May 2014 / 12:53 pm

      Interesting that you hate the AC. Love the layers and bomb shoes.

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