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    sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7133sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7073sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7221sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7164sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7137sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7148sole-society-gold-heel-black-suit-high-waist-pants-vintage-clutch-red_7179This sporadic weather shall be the death of me. One day its nearly 60 the next it’s snowing and 2. Yes…2 degrees. Clearly not this day. I manage to schedule all my outings on the random nice days we seem to get and then hide inside otherwise. Except to go to the gym. I can’t believe I get out almost every morning to work out. That’s dedication because most days it is way to cold to function let alone work out. But I have a recent unhealthy obsession with Body Pump and being deceitfully strong. Next thing I’ve been really wanting to get into is boxing. Anyone know of any good studios in LA that they can recommend, I will love you long time. xx

    Wearing: Zara blazer, AA bandau top, ASOS high waist trousers, Sole Society “Lee” cut out heels, Vintage leather clutch




    1. 9th February 2014 / 3:44 pm

      I adore you.

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