• Wide Leg Jeans

    Meet the lovely Camille, a 24-year-old accountant from Boston MA who when she’s not living
    the corporate life, loves to indulge herself in all things fashion.
    On days when she’s looking to be effortlessly chic, Camille resorts to her “go-to” outfit:  H&M Wide leg jeansAA top, Dolce Vita “Jemma” bootie, NARS “heatwave” lipstick, and Michael Kors watch (Click each to get her look!)

    Photos by Yours Truly

    How would you describe your style? Depends on the hour of the day. Outside of my double life in the white collar world, I would describe my style as edgy & chic. 
    If someone robbed you but said you could keep one item in your closet what would it be? Crocodile and gold waist belt because it can completely change the dynamic of any outfit
    If you could afford to buy anything what would it be? Crocodile Hermes Birkin. 
    If you were an animal, what would you be and why? Tiger – because the strips are cool. 
    Where do you get your style inspiration? blogs & anything street style. I love mixing in elements of classic sleek conservatism, retro shoulder pads, or girlish frills- all depending on my mood. 
    Why is this your “go to” Outfit? Its easy and comfortable. I like how the open back and orange lipstick compliment the huge wide leg jeans. 




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