• Thrifted Pleasures

    Meet Courtney. A 28 year-old California native who describes her style as,”boho/eclectic/vintage goes to a tea party”

    Her jacket, which was a thrift find in CA is so perfect for the winter months paired with a turtleneck and boots she has the causal chic look in her back pocket. That jacket’s such a great find right?

    Courtney is wearing Sold jeans from Crush Boutique, Born boots from The Tannery, Thrifted Jacket, Vintage hair comb (“been in my family since the 30’s!”-Courtney)  
    Photos by Me
    If someone robbed you but said you could keep one item in your
    closet what would it be? 
    My handmade silver and turquoise medallion necklace given to me by my fabulous grandmother.
    If you could afford to buy anything what would it be? 
    A fur coat. 
    If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
    A dragon, because then I could toast my own English muffins.
    Where do you get your style inspiration? 
    A little of the west coast laid back attitude mixed with the dressed up structured east coast. And of course, my intense love of all things shiny from bangles to beads comes from my mom.




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