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    Spring is around the corner and bright hues are beginning to stock the shelves of retailers alike. Leave it to Singer/Songwriter Erin Daneele to always embrace color in her ensembles no matter the season. This 26-year-old Bostonian’s style asthetic is alwayss fun and vibrant just like her personality. From a crochet earring she made with a duck feather, to brightly colored locks Miss Daneele is definitely not afraid to make a statement.
    Erin is wearing a Jou jou mustard yellow jacket, Vince Camuto black suede and chained spine boot, BDG slim boyfriend washed jeans and floral sheer top, Nicole Lee Handbag, Accessories by Aldo and Express, Hot pink Feather earring and purple crocheted star studded and gunmetal rhinestoned earring by Daneele. 
    Read on for more photos and to learn more about Miss Daneele’s style.

    How would you describe your style? Where do you get your inspiration? Honestly, I’m in awe of God and how He created me. To know that I can wake up style,create or design something on the spot brings me so much joy. The reality is this has all come from Him. . .  
    My style is the epitome of the word Freedom. Its Eclectic. Colorful. Bold. Very unique. My style defines ME. I speak through what I wear. Some of my fashion sense has also been inspired by artists such as  Prince, Madonna in the 80’s and Michael Jackson! 
    If you were an animal, what would you be and why? I would be an eagle. The eagle is an enduring and smart creature. The eagle perseveres no matter what. It can fly through and above storms. In my life I see God taking me to another level. I’m so excited to see what He has in store!
    Wheres your favorite place to be in the world?
    My favorite place to be is around nature. I love to be outside around water, birds, flowers, trees and of course the SUN! It makes me feel refreshed.. rejuvenated and it brings me peace. 
    What made you start experimenting with making your own pieces? I enjoy Fashion. I love art. I did a lot of drawing, painting, and creating pictures in elementary school. My art teachers always told me that I was the best in my class. I attended private schools where I had to wear uniform. So whenever we had a “tag” day which meant no uniform day, I would always create my outfit. When I started attending Berklee college of music, it was extremely liberating to be able to wear whatever I wanted and not stick to the traditional uniform. I was invited to feature my designs in local college fashion shows in Boston. From then its been design design design… 
    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever worn?
    The craziest thing I’ve ever worn was Platinum blonde, turquoise and orange hair all at once! 🙂




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