• Cat Eyes

    It’s like the 50’s are back with all theses cat eye glasses I keep seeing everywhere and theres no denying I’ve fallen victim to the trend as well.

    Meet Elyse Ayoung, a 25-year-old Architectural Designer and Artist from Boston who describes her style as expressive and creative in a subtle way. And as you can see, shares my love for the cat eyes.

    Elyse is wearing a UO vintage blazer, Zara tank, BDG jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties, and vintage glasses.

    Photos by Me
    Where do you get your style inspiration? 
    I get my style inspiration from everything I see around me, in the cyber world and the ‘real’ world. Art, Blogs, magazines, store displays, interesting characters on the street, all play a part in my style inspirations. But mostly my style is inspired by my mood and how I’m feeling on that particular day. 





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