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    Miss Enoca_8494  Miss Enoca_8518 Miss Enoca_8519 Miss Enoca_8528 Miss Enoca_8530 Miss Enoca_8538 Miss Enoca_8548 Miss Enoca_8507Miss Enoca_8550 Miss Enoca_8557 Miss Enoca_8573 Miss Enoca_8610 Miss Enoca_8613I met up with Usen the other day, we haven’t seen each other since graduation so it was nice to catch up and see what he’s been up to. We were supposed to meet on Tuesday but with all my traveling I was so tired I asked him if we could meet on Wednesday instead. So Wednesday it was. That morning I wake up to a FB notification “It’s Usen’s birthday, say Happy Birthday!”

    ” I didn’t want to make it a big deal” he says. ( Thanks for making me feel like a jerk Usen!)  We decided to hang around in his backyard of Brookline on Beacon St when we approached this gem. People actually live here, cray right? Boston architecture can take your breath away sometimes when you actually take a second from your busy day to look up. Traveling to different cities has made me appreciate what I have right in my own backyard….

    Of course I took Usen to an impromptu birthday brunch afterwards because I don’t believe in not celebrating birthdays!

    Wearing: BB Dakota coat c/o Lulu’s, Electric Frenchie sweater c/o, Gstar jeans, Shoedazzle heels, ASOS x Cartazi hat





    1. 17th November 2013 / 1:06 pm

      Damn! I love it! This outfit is everything x


    2. 17th November 2013 / 2:15 pm

      Celebrating birthdays ALWAYS! You look very cool 🙂

    3. 18th November 2013 / 4:37 am

      Dear Miss Enocha , congratulations on your blog. Your looks are great!

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