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    2014Dec11_46432014Dec11_47282014Dec11_48812014Dec11_47922014Dec11_4754 2014Dec11_48012014Dec11_4871 2014Dec11_4846Every so often I feel like being a little more girly but clearly couldn’t fully commit with the leather and belt combo. I do really love the silhouette of this Stella & Jamie dress though. And I know I’m late to hop onto this whole cincher belt fad happening but I’m so in love with accentuating the waist, I bought a bunch of belts recently after a long faze of being over belts. But I’m always over something then into it the next day…so fickle…..

    Wearing: Stella & Jamie dress, Zara leather jacket, Jimmy Choo pumps, ASOS belt, Lulus.com bag




    1. 13th February 2015 / 7:08 am

      I really love your blog! Im becoming quite an addict yo! thanks for posting and staying consistent. I am a blogger myself but I have lapsed for a couple of years. it is so difficult getting back in the game as with anything at all that one stops doing after a while. Any advice for this girl? hehe

      • Enocha Tellus
        13th February 2015 / 11:12 am

        If you get yourself on a schedule that helps. I think a lot of girls think they need to post a lot and get overwhelmed. Figure out the days/times you have free in a week even if it’s one day and shoot an outfit. So maybe every Sunday you shoot and outfit. That way you’re on a schedule and it makes it easier to post consistently. xx

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