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    I’m still laughing at River Island’s new “The Vogue Off” app on facebook. Basically you pick a photo of yourself via your facebook. Crop your head and they animate you into a lean mean dancing machine. You can even pick any dance you want yourself to do (I chose hip hop ). My favorite part is that if you dont want to use one of your pics you can pick one of your facebook friend’s pics and post it on their wall. Think I’ll play a little joke on my sister while I’m at it.

    As you can see, I’m a already a fan of River Island clothes. I was first introduced to them when I spent a summer in London and spent most of my free time shopping in Oxford Circus. (aww talking about it makes me miss it :-/) I fell in love and was happy when I found them on ASOS once I came back to the states and you can even shop directly on their site. River Island is definitely my go to when I’m looking for something to stand out plus it’s a bonus that their prices don’t break the bank.

    Try the app, use your friends head and shop your outfit at the end! xo
    Click above to see my dance!
    River Island: Twitter | Facebook | Shop




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