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    So I’m not sure what I did before money sharing apps. Like how on Earth was I living? The other day my friend Melissa and I wanted  to grab some food after a productive day of shooting. After walking up and down the street (not too far cause we were being lazy) the only worthy place was a Poke Salad Bar. I had never tried Poke before but I’m on this new kick of not being afraid to try something new.

    So first of all, I’m a new fan of Poke, it’s like open faced sushi and DELICIOUS. Second of all when it came time to pay the bill I realized I left my debit card in my car. I have to admit this is not the first time this has happened to me (fail) but luckily Square Cash App came to the rescue. Melissa paid the bill and I sent her half using the Square Cash app. Voila! officially less of a loser for forgetting my money.

    Aside from using it to split the bill, I use the Square Cash app for so many things including paying rent to my landlord every month and paying musicians when I have gigs. Both were game changers for me. I don’t have to worry about check books or finding the nearest ATM. I seriously don’t know how I was living before this.

    When people don’t have the app I literally convert them on the spot. Like I can’t associate with you if you don’t have it. lol Kidding but honestly its the best thing ever especially when your constantly going out for group dinners or hiring contracted workers.

    Do you guys use the cash app? And are you as obsessed with it as me? Let me know what you think of it!



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