• Something By Sonjia: #ShopBlackFriday

    So excited for the official first week of #ShopBlackFriday, where I will be showcasing Black Owned businesses and brands every Friday. Today I’m showcasing a clothing brand Something by Sonjia by my girl Sonjia. Sonjia and I met through a mutual friend back when I lived in Boston wayyy back in the day. We’re both East Coast girls who moved to LA to follow our dreams. Sonjia was on Prjoect Runway and Project Runway Allstars and it’s been amazing watching her journey. She is so talented and her pieces can rival many high end designers.

    Now let’s take a moment for these jeans. They are so over the top in the best way possible. I love the whole paperbag waist style but never could find a good one that was exaggerated enough. These ones are PERFECT! And you can wear them a bunch of different ways.

    Sonjia designs all her pieces herself, she is so talented and has such a good eye for unique silhouettes. I’ve really been into shopping small businesses lately because the quality of the clothes are so much better. I can wear these jeans over and over for years. They are so well made! Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but I’m over cheaply made fast fashion that everyone has. Check out here other pieces HERE. You can shop my jeans HERE.

    Follow Sonjia’s shop on IG @SomethingBySonjia



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