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    20140807_7290I’ve been asked many times before in life what my skincare routine is. And honestly I feel bad saying that I really don’t do much. I guess I’m lucky that I dont have tempermental or sensitive skin but I really think the trick to having nice skin, long hair, long nails etc besides diet is to do as little as possible. All those crazy skin care things they sell are outrageos to me and can not be good for your skin, they have so many chemicals in them is ridiculous.

    On that note yes I do very little, someone made fun of me because I said I buy my face wash at Trader Joes but to me it’s so much better then a fancy expensive face wash that makes false claims. If I’m going to put it on my face I want it to be as natural as possible and that’s why I love this tea tree face wash. It gets all my makeup off and leaves my skin feeling clean and it’s waaay more natural then most other face washes.This year as a bday wishlist I asked for a bunch of organic skin care products to ramp up my regiment a bit.Thanks to my sister I’m super earthy crunchy now and I like it.

    I’m just starting this routine so I cant give you too many details just yet but so far im in LOVE. My skin already feels so much softer. What I’m using now is Black Soap with Shea Butter to cleanse in the shower, Trader Joes Tea Tree Face Wash (which I always used and love) Organic Shea Butter to moisturize after the shower (replacing my normal store bought lotion) and Organic Cocoa Butter for some stubborn dark spots.

    20140807_7297Raw African Black Soap with Shea Butter

    I read up alot about African Black Soap, my friend first introduced me beaucse she was having a lot of skin problems and said it worked wonders. This corresponds well with the many reviews I read on it. Apparently this is miracle soap (we’ll see) but what I can say is my skin felt very clean after and not dry at all. I chose the soap infused with Shea Butter because I heard this soap can be drying.

    Also I really wanted to use it in my hair as a natural shampoo option but as I read reviews about using this way I got really scared. So I guess my next task is to find some great natural shampoo options but for now this soap is amazing for everything else and it lathers really well so you can use a loofa sponge with it.

    20140807_7303Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

    When I hop out the shower I moisturize with this organic shea butter. A little goes a LONG way I used so little to moisterize my entire body and face I feel like this little container can last me a year! And what I loved about the Shea Butter is that it did not leave me feeling greasy at all and my skin feels moisterized and soft to the touch. 20140807_7294Organic Raw Cocoa Butter

    I have a love affair with cocoa butter. I got this because I have some darker spots around my body that I want to try and lighten up a bit so I’m hoping it will come to the rescue. This does come of greasier then the shea butter so I don’t think I’d want to use it for my entire body but it’s perfect for targeted areas.20140807_7298Grow My Hair Butter

    Lastly I know this is not my skin, well I guess its my scalp so it is technically, but I’ve been loooking for something natural to put in my hair to help it grow/stay healthy and I decided to give this a go. It gives your scalp a little tingling sensation kinda like Dr. Miracle if you’re familr with that and it smells like peppermint. I used it pre blow drying my hair. It has a paste like texture so it’s easier to get onto your scalp then an oil and I really feel like it added a nice natural shine to my hair and it looked great after I straightened it.

    I’ll keep you posted on this new regiment and let you know if I still love it but so far I highly recommend using as natural products on your skin as possible and you dont need a million things, a nice cleanser and a great moisterizer will do it for you and your skin will thank you for not over doing it. Less is more I always say.



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