• #ShopBlackFriday: Savage X Fenty

    Hi Guys!

    I’m excited to share a new series on the blog! Every Friday I will be sharing a black owned brand on here. In wake of the many larger brands appropriating the culture and often times creating disrespectful designs and the fact that big brands are stealing from black designers, it felt like time to start showcasing some black owned brands.

    There are so many out there and even I didn’t realized until I really started asking around and searching. I can’t wait to show you guys some amazing brands every week!

    Even though Savage x Fenty is not a small brand, it is black owned and I think it’s paving the way for so many black owned brands as well. Some may say, well why does it matter? But it’s been researched that money only stays in the black community 6 hours. As opposed to the white, jewish, and asian communities where it stays for weeks. There’s something to that. It matters because why are we the only one’s? Clearly everyone else got the memo. And until the world is truly inclusive, we need to lift each other up.

    At the very least I know exposure can only help and I hope you share each and every one of these brands with your friends and shop from them! Stay tuned!



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