• Samsara Ubud

    The last hotel we stayed in Ubud was Samsara Ubud. This luxury resort nestled in the mountains of Ubud is unique because each room has it’s own private pool! It was a nice balance between resort living and feeling like you have a private villa to yourself. The rooms have a cute entryway surrounded by greenery then it opens up to your pool. There are two entrances to your villa. Double wide doors from  the pool or a standard hotel room door with key card entry.  The restaurant is 24 hours and there is room service. In order to get around you need to call a buggy but it’s super easy and they get to your door fast.  The room has a king size bed with netting around it. Which is very helpful to keep the mosquitos out! The bathroom was gorgeous and BIG. It had a tub and an indoor and outdoor shower! To say this hotel was a dream is to say the least. Our room was situated in the perfect spot. We could walk to the shared pool and bar as well as the spa.

    The hotel was kind enough to set an itinerary for us but it was so rainy the time we spent there that we couldn’t go to many of the activities. We had lucked out with the rain most of or Bali trip but our last couple days it rained almost non-stop.

    The hotel offers a tour around the neighborhood where you can visit traditional Balinese homes as well as Balinese afternoon tea and a night time outside movie but all of these we could not do because of the rain. They sounded lovely though and had we stayed longer we probably would have been able to do it all. The team was so great though and brought the afternoon tea to our villa so we could enjoy it there. It was teas of your choosing and then some traditional Balinese treats, think of high tea but Balinese style.

    We did get to enjoy a very relaxing time at the spa on site. They let you choose the oil scent you would like and really make you feel comfortable and welcomed. You are greeted with a welcome drink and after your treatment you are served a delicious tea. We really enjoyed the spa.

    We did get to enjoy some time in the private and shared pool when it wasn’t raining. I wish the private pool was heated because it was a little chilly because of the rain clouds cooling the area down and I also think the altitude of the resort being higher up in the mountains. It was not cold at all but just a little cooler then the rest of our stay in Ubud. But the shared pool is heated and has a gorgeous jungle view. Theres also a bar and server to attend to your needs.  The restaurant food was delicious, especially the breakfast. They had the fluffiest pancakes ever! And it’s situated overlooking the most gorgeous view. The coolest breakfast though was the floating breakfast in your private pool. They allow you to choose what you want to eat and deliver it to you at a time you choose. It was so nice to enjoy the floating breakfast in the privacy of our own pool.  Despite the rain, we really enjoyed our stay at Samsura Ubud and I highly recommend it. It’s especially good for a couple or honeymoon trip. Bali overall is super romantic.



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