• Rodeo Drive

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    ginavito rossi lace up heels_20150915_3612ginavito rossi lace up heels_20150915_3582Rodeo drive makes you feel so fancy but you’d be surprised by the lesser dressed tourist walking around. I think people’s perception of LA is that everyone walks around all decked out but it’s actually quite the contrary. I often feel overdressed, almost in the same way I did in Boston (but not as extreme) All I have to say is we should start a campaign where more people dress to their potential…(she jokes) but dressing nice makes me feel nice, so even if the people stare I’ll still do me and give them something to look at. K.

    Wearing: A’GACI suede tube dress, Gianvito Rossi lace up sandals via The Real Real, She The Collection clutch, Zero UV sunnies

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