Sorry I went MIA for a bit. While I was visiting home, my grandma passed away. It’s been the first time I’ve dealt with a death so close to me and I’m still dealing. I wake up with anxiety, body aches, and have caught a case of insomnia, not to mention I became very ill. It’s crazy how everyone deals with things differently. Instead of crying a lot, my body seems to have turned on me. But each day gets a little better and I’m so glad I was here for her last days on Earth.

    What people don’t really talk about is all the planning and craziness that comes after someone passes. Planning a funeral is like planning a wedding in 1 week and it’s really weird and morbid to think about it that way but it’s the truth. Living is a business and dying is too. So let’s just say it’s been a lot for my family at the moment that I feel like we all haven’t really fully been able to grieve because of all the planning.

    My grandma was in a lot of pain and when she passed she looked so peaceful. She was swelling and crying out on her last days but when she passed the silence and swelling went down and we knew she was in a much better place.

    If it weren’t for my grandma,  I wouldn’t have this blog or my entrepreneurial spirit. (She was also one stylish lady back in her day!) I wouldn’t currently be working for myself and even have the freedom to plan a random trip home that allowed for me to be here to see her in the last moments. My grandma never worked for anyone in her life, she was always a boss and always had her own businesses until the end. #goals

    It’s crazy how God’s timing is perfect. I literally had no reason to visit home other then I just felt like I needed a break. Never did I think my grandma would pass away while I was here. Also my cousin who she basically raised was visiting from Ohio too, who also had no specific reason to come home to visit. It’s like she was calling us all to be home. My mom also threw an early b-day party for her so many people came out to celebrate with her just days before. She got to see all her babies before she crossed over and she chose the perfect day to find peace. Her birthday.

    I love you Manmi, may you rest in peace. Please continue to watch over us, your legacy will love on in our hearts.


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