• Red Head

    IMG_6288_3295 IMG_6320_3327IMG_6436_3444 IMG_6329_3335 IMG_6343_3350 IMG_6357_3364 IMG_6370_3377 IMG_6400_3407 IMG_6413_3419 IMG_6416_3422I like to call the way I’ve been dressing lately “old lady dressing” Not because I look like an old lady, but because I have the care free attitude of an old lady where I wear what I want regardless of people think it goes together or looks good. Although I’m sure most old people that throw anything on have just given up on trying. My grandma use to be so stylish back in the day and now in her 80’s wears a sweatshirt over a floral dress and with socks and sandals. lol I’m not quite there yet but I have a feeling I’m definitely going to be one of those really old people who couldn’t care less. I’ll always be fly in my mind though!

    Wearing: H&M Concious collection top, Fossil bag, LOVE floral trousers, Mesh booties


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