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    20160102_6007 20160102_6038 20160102_6043 20160102_6046 20160102_6056 20160102_6060 20160102_6072 20160102_6089I get and buy so much clothes that I forget  to go back into my closet and re-wear some things! Sometimes I have to give myself a reality check, like why on earth do I have all these clothes if I only wear them once. Dumb.

    Anyway, the point of this story is that I’m re-wearing old pieces in my closet that don’t get that much love. This year I’m going to focus on wearing what I want and not always the “newest” style out.

    Wearing: Missguided coat, 2020Ave Skinny scarf, Missguided boots, LANY handbag





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