• Pool Side

    I have been looking for a high waist bathing suit for sometime now. Something about the modesty of showing less skin is sexier to me. Not that I ever aim to be sexy, I’m probably one of the goofiest humans. I mixed and matched this top and bottom from UO, originally I wanted to do all black but I actually like the accidental color-blocking better in hindsight. It’ll be another 2 months ’til I can wear one of these again. sigh*


     Someone please transport me back to laying out in the sun. Stat.

    Photos by Daniel Andre

    This top is sold out but you can find a similar top and bottom HERE in a variety of colors/prints.

    Volcom top, UO bottom, Ray Ban sunnies




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    1. 28th March 2012 / 3:27 am

      Love your Blog. Love your hair. Im inspired. (now ill go and work on mine :).

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