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    in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_1956in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_1999_1in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_2010in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_1978 in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_2037in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_2004 in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_2043in-love-with-fashion-romper-chelsea-paris-heels_1998So in love with this playsuit. Aside from black my next go to color lately has been pink ironically. I love when seasons change because it gives me an excuse to revamp my entire wardrobe and feed my fashion a.d.d. Speaking of a.d.d. I was selling these Chelsea Paris heels but then realized they’re amazing and I should keep them. I guess I avoided adding them to the list of things I wish I kept.

    p.s. My bestie is currently visiting from the East coast so I’ll be galavanting around with her this weekend. Keep up with our adventures on my Instagram.





    1. Cheri
      23rd May 2014 / 8:24 pm

      Smart Girl … a Fab pair of Shoes are Irreplaceable!

      Have an Awesome traveling east with your Bestie! =D

    2. 26th May 2014 / 7:50 am

      i love your hair:) i want it:)

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