• Pink Leopard Turbans

    LF scarf | ASOS leather trim top | Zara pants | ASOS laser cut clutch  | Zara thin strap sandals
    Photos by Daniel Andre
    Usually when I pull out a turban style its to cover up a bad hair day or when I’m really just too lazy to attempt to tame my head. Looking through my closet and realizing I left a majority of my hats back East, I was in a weird mood where I felt I just needed something on my head so I tied a turban and was actually quite pleased with the result. My head gear is actually just a scarf I snagged at LF, I like to use large scarves for when I wrap my hair.  I first learned how to tie one via Natural Chica, and now I just do my own variations.
    I’ve been pretty basic in my attire lately. Maybe its my way of finding some simplicity in my current chaotic life, but sometimes you don’t need all the glitz and glam to still be chic.
    Also didn’t purposely match my turban to my bag, but a little matching never hurt anyone…
    Check you later, gator.





    1. 7th September 2012 / 2:18 pm

      I love this outfit. Your bag is lovely.

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