• Pink Leather

    20140929_273620140929_2762 20140929_278920140929_2745 20140929_2815It’s been so hot lately that crop tops and skirts has been the easiest thing to throw on. I was talking to my mom the other day and she was complaining about how cold and rainy it’s been in Boston and then I realized how the grass is always greener. I would kill for colder weather but she would love to be in the heat and as soon as it gets cold in LA I bet I’ll be complaining all over again. So with that I’m learning to love whatever the weathers giving to me on any given day and start getting out of the habit of wishing for something else. It is what it’s supposed to be in the moment.

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    Wearing: ASOS crop top, Missguided faux leather skirt, Jimmy Choo “anouk” heels



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