• Peace and Calm

    Miss Enocha_7347Miss Enocha_7428 Miss Enocha_7456 Miss Enocha_7466 Miss Enocha_7474My cousin said it right when she said this place brings her so much peace. I always forget how beautiful it really is until I lay eyes on it again. Makes me stop and realize sometimes that all the material and physical things in life are not that important and how I could so leave them behind to just enjoy the things that really matter in life. I love clothes more than the next girl but I would trade it all just to be truly happy and at peace.

    Wearing: Kali Diva jumsuit c/o LastShop

    Today I’m heading to LA for meetings and to work on some music. So excited to escape the cold for a bit. Follow me on Instagram to see my Cali adventures. Somehow my schedule is already jam packed.

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    1. 23rd October 2013 / 4:46 am

      I agree with you so much, clothes, shoes and all that stuff don’t really matter! This place is amazing! And this jumpsuit suits you so well, you look perfect!

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