• One Hot Day In Silverlake: Pazzo Gelato + 33 Taps

    DSC01904 One super hot day in Silverlake, Melissa and I decided to hang out and grab a bite to eat. The weather has been so temperamental lately. One day it’s really hot and the next day its “cold.” I have to put cold in quotes since I’m from the East Coast it never feels right to call LA cold. But when your body gets used to be warm most of the time, these temperature drops have me running for my winter coats. My family would be ashamed. DSC01834

    DSC01780 DSC01737

    While we were strolling down the street, we didn’t have anywhere specific in mind so when we stumbled past this bar/restaurant called 33 Tapas we decided to try it out! With our luck it was Taco Tuesday so of course we each ordered some tacos! They were only $3 and so yummy! But of course we had to order some gauc on the side. ( I live for guac) DSC01730DSC01746DSC01796DSC01830DSC01932We’re supposed to be on a Mexico Diet (we leave in 3 weeks!), but it was so hot that we couldn’t deny getting some gelato. It was a little bit of a walk so we justified it by thinking we were walking and sweating it off. I’m actually trying to avoid dairy as much as possible at the moment so I opted for the pineapple mint sorbet which was SOOO good and extremely refreshing. Perfect for this hot day. When I tell you were were sweating pretty much everywhere. I’ll leave it at that.
    DSC01925DSC01943I’m currently getting ready to head to Vegas for 1 night to help a friend with a project so stay tuned on my Insta!

    Wearing: Missguided top, jeans, jacket and boots

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