Took a quick trip to NYC this past weekend to shop and just have some time with my loves. I think I may be convinced on moving there this Spring. Dinner at midnight…Out til 4a.m…..only in the city that never sleeps. An old voice teacher once told me that everyone should live in NY in their 20’s and I’m beginning to think she’s right!

    Photos by Camille

    By Corpus knit dress, H&M blazer and scarf, Aldo shoes, Vintage bag

    I literally ran to grab some walking shoes the night before we left and I found these ones at Aldo that have become my new fav shoes to just throw on. They lasted me a whole day of walking around the city without wanting to cry about my feet so I would say they’re pretty comfy 🙂





    1. 5th October 2011 / 1:42 am

      Can’t get over your hair; it’s gorgeous.


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