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    Yesterday we took a trip to Notting Hill. It’s such a cute area I wanted to check it out again and we knew we would find a cute brunch spot there. Doing it for the gram! The spot we picked ended up being super packed, the line was out the door and they didn’t even have a wait list. And the way service is in the UK we would be waiting FOREVER. People are so relaxed (which I actually don’t mind) but they don’t rush you out your table to turn it. They let you enjoy your meal and company until you’re ready to leave. In America they would have kicked you out long time ago!

    So we ended up at Ottolenghi which a cute little spot in Notting Hill that is mostly takeaway but has 1, yes 1, table in the back of the store that seats 10 and it’s first come first serve. The wait was much smaller so we decided to try our luck.

    We had the Tuna, Broccoli and Basmati rice with was all delicious and they even served fresh mint tea made with fresh mint leaves. It was a very healthy brunch, we patted ourselves on the back.

    After that we headed to Oxford Circus for more shopping. Sunita’s not really into the touristy spots so we’re like acting like locals eating good food shopping and hanging out. We ended up having McDonalds for dinner (don’t judge) its so different in the UK, I feel way less guilty, although I do remember it being a little tastier 10 years ago but maybe that’s because I stopped eating fast food for 10 years now so my palette is much different. Anyway…it served it’s purpose but I probably won’t be eating that again the rest of my time here. Also fun fact, I like to try Mcdonalds in different countries to see if it taste different even though I haven’t eaten it in the states for forever so not sure what I’m comparing it to anymore lol

    We ended up back at my place and then hours lady dragged our old lady butts out to check out Queen of Hoxton, a bar one my followers recommended. After a delayed train, 45 minutes, drunken hot mess people and RAIN we ended up Ubering from the nearest train stop to the bar only to find a LOOONG line. By then it was 12:30am and the bar closed at 2am so we had no idea why people bothered waiting in line and we also would never wait in line for a bar. Been there don’t that, I’m not 24 anymore!

    Thank God we didn’t get out the Uber yet cause I redirected him to my apartment and called it a night. LA had ruined me. If its rainy and cold I don’t like to go out anymore and now that I’m London I better suck it up. Also I was SHOCKED at the about of drunk adults in the streets, I’m talking full grown adults not “I just became legal to drink” 18 year olds (legal age is 18 here) I felt like I was on a college campus, these Brits go in apparently!

    I’m not a big person for going out so this experience wasn’t the greatest thing to motivate me but maybe I’ll decide not to be an old lady again one day and try again. lol

    Wearing: Shop Akira dress, Forever 21 hat, Thacker backpack



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