• Dear Diary: No FOMO (Well Maybe A Little)


    Dear Diary,

    I’m starting to realize the things that I’m truly valuing at the moment based on what sparks my “jealousy” oddly enough. Now when I say jealous I use this term very loosely because I’ve never fully been jealous of anyone but a little competitive jealousy has always helped to boost my work ethic and I’m not mad about it. I don’t get jealous in the sense that I look at someone and say why don’t have I have that. Rather I look at the person and say I need to get that too! And then I hustle for it.

    After attending more weddings this year then I ever have in one year and watching my insta feed full of sparkly diamond engagement rings and seriously the cutest babies ever. I only ever feel that gut feeling of ” I want that” when I see someone who is an opening act for my favorite band, or just landed number one on the radio or is jet setting and blogging all over the world. Hell ya, I want that.

    The only thing I struggle with is when I see women focus on the career somehow babies and husband seem to get pushed way way back. But I don’t want it way way back. Maybe just…back. Ya feel me? lol My question is how do you find the balance of pursing an all encompassing career but still leaving yourself open to the love baby marriage scenario?






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