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    When I think of wool I often think of my sister who refuses to wear it because it “makes her itch” Although wool is one of the warmest fabrics to wear (especially this time of year) it can feel uncomfortable at times. I thought that until I tried merino wool. Probably the softest, warmest, “non-itchy” fabric seriously giving cashmere a run for its money. The word is spreading and even Margherita Missoni and Alessandro Benetto have become fibre ambassadors for the Australian Wool.

    This fabric is popular with designers around the globe who are especially allured by its amazing drape, natural elasticity and the way it flows on the body’s form. Its much lighter than traditional wool, softer to the touch and has this luxurious silky quality to it. It’s actually kind of the best of both worlds. You get to stay warm, without wearing a huge chunky sweater and without being itchy.
    My favorite part is that the fibre is natural, biodegradable and renewable so not only will your clothes last you pretty much forever (hello future vintage!) but it is also good for mama earth. I personally will buy anything natural before I head to synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics tend to be more rich, of better quality and have more lasting characteristics.
    Check out the video from their ad campaign.
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