• Over the Top

     Sparkle and Fade duster (get it here)  // American Apparel dress // Topshop necklace // H&M earring // BCBGeneration bracelets // Zara leopard sandals
    Photos by Daniel Andre
    So I went a little over the top with my jewelry on this one. I just kept piling it on.  Everyone at work was commenting on how glamourous I looked and it wasn’t until later I was like ok you have like over 20 pieces of jewelry on Enocha, relax. I’m pretty sure I’ve developed all the fashion disorders first A.D.D. and now bipolar. Sometimes I feel like wearing no jewelry and other days I wear my whole jewelry box. The beauty of pictures I suppose is that nothing really looks over the top in a photo. I can attest from all the girls I see running around with entirely too much makeup on in person but it looks gorgeous in pictures, you would had no idea!
    Also a little confession that when I get home and I know I’m in for the night I literally rip off all my clothes and jewelry take off my makeup and throw on PJ’s. I almost never wear regular clothes (or makeup) in my house. Despite this fashion blog a ma jing, I remain the most low key human ever. Although I still like to think I’m a little bit glamourous in my j’s. 😉
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    1. 18th March 2013 / 6:01 am

      love the look! your hair is amazing and all the accessories look great. not too much at all. the duster makes the outfit!


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