• Night To Day

     Photos by my lovely mother
    Get the Look:
    Urban Outfitters beenie (get it here)
    Vintage earrings (love these ones)
    By Corpus camouflage jacket (get it here)
    Mink Pink dress ℅ Lulu’s (get this one here or new here)
    Hue tights (get it here)
    Aldo boots (get it here)
    Between holiday parties and the New Year, I’m sure your closet has been increasing with shiny sequin numbers that you’re sure to only wear once. So I styled this dress to share some ideas of how to take your night dresses and let them shine in the daylight. Throwing a jacket over it that’s more casual and a beenie (or any hat really) will tone down the dress and make it more appropriate for the daytime. Add tights and some casual boots and you are now appropriate to face the winter in style. This is honestly how I would wear most dresses like this anyway since I’m not a big party girl. Dresses of the sort would also look great with a leather jacket over them. So now you can wear all your party dresses post New Years after all!




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    1. 30th December 2012 / 12:38 am

      That dress is gorgeous! Great look.

      <3 Melissa

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