• Line and Dot

    Photos by Kenny Vibert

    I was first introduced to Line and Dot clothing when visiting the Bollare showroom in NYC and I have seriously fallen in love with the brand since. While exploring their e-shop I was intrigued at first thinking to myself, “this is cute…that’s cute,” but then it hit me how well these pieces could work in my closet and how this brand epitomizes effortlessly chic which you all know is my favorite thing ever.  I honestly hate putting too much effort into dressing myself. I just want to look amazing with the least amount of effort…always. I’ve always been attracted to minimalistic fashion and this brand manages to keep it classic with just enough pizazz to keep the party going. The beauty of it all is this is not a sponsored post, I promise. You know something’s good when you just want to write about it out of sheer love for what you have just experienced.





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