• Inner 90’s

    URBAN OUTFITTERS t-shirt // shorts via Melrose Trading Post // BCBGENERATION denim shirt // ZARA leopard heels
    Photos by Jane Lemberg
    So working in fashion truley makes you see that nothing is new under the sun. And the designers that are bold enough to think outside the box are usually not wearable by the average bear. Although I suppose there’s always couture which will always be my favorite part of fashion. With that, the 90’s has made a strong comback and it’s apparently here to stay for a while. I only wonder what will circle back 30 years from now? In the 2000’s we seem to just be stealing from the past but what happens when right now becomes our past what will people copy then? How will fashion evolve I wonder? When I think of right now I only think of us repeating the past. There seems to be no style right now that epotomizes this day and age. I’m waiting for some designers to start thinking out the box and creating something I’ve never seen before that is wearable. Possible?





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