• Antiques Roadshow

    Photos by Daniel Andre
    Current Obsession 1: Beenies
    One trip to Urban Outfitters and now I’ve developed a mild obsession with beenies. I want to collect them in every color. I think as adults we still seem to find new “toys” we gotta have in the moment. Granted they are usually a bit more practical but still just as unnecessary as owning every style of beenie babie (although some adults were sadly guilty of this crime too). It’s as if we have this yearning inside that calls us into these hoarding tendencies. So I ask, should I collect a beenie and ever color? Probably not but that’s definitely not gonna stop me. I gotta catch ’em all! Pokemon?
    Current Obsession 2: Vintage Jewelry/Earrings
    Another trip to the Antique Mall on Ventura sparked a new obsession (Apparently I am easily swayed). They had so many amazing pieces of jewelry, including the lovely earrings I’m wearing in this post, that I regained a new love for earrings as well as vintage jewelry. I see myself popping back in there frequently to appease my new hoarding of jewelry and I don’t even care that I am the only one shopping in there that is under 50. According to the boy I’m an old lady anyway so I might as well embrace it.
    Get the Look:
    Urban Outfitters beenie (men’s)
    ASOS peplum belt (get it here or love this one)
    Zara pants
    Jeffrey Campbell Antonio boots ℅ Solestruck (get them here)
    Vintage earrings
    H&M necklace
    P.S. Ive been asked some questions Ive been meaning to answer (sorry!):
    My hat on the L&T banner is from Zara and its old but I have some similar options here and here also my hair is not relaxed, I straighten it a lot because its lower maintenance that way. Having natural hair and growing out the sides has been kind of a pain if you can imagine.





    1. 20th December 2012 / 12:18 am

      This outfit is everything! Love the mix between feminine flair and edge!

    2. 21st December 2012 / 3:43 am

      I love your styling and the photography is beaufitul plus the layout of your blog is so clean and professional! New follower!

    3. 23rd December 2012 / 11:13 am

      Edgy! I love the way you pose for outfit photos.

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