• My Opposite Personality

    2015Jan01_happy new year_7063Recently I realized I have a serious opposite personality disorder.  ( i just made this term up, don’t go look it up) But basically I’m always coming in on both sides of the spectrum. Here’s why…..

    1. I’m the most hard working lazy person

    I work so hard everyday, I literally never stop working. Holiday , weekend, you name it! Building a blog, music career, and working, doesn’t allow for days off. At the same time, half the time I can’t get my ass up to fix dinner and ask the boy to get me water or snacks or my bag just 4 feet away.

    2. I am the youngest old person

    I’m still young, I like to go out socialize and on a very rare occasion drink. But I go out maybe twice in one week and I’m pretty much good for the month! I LOVE being home and curling up watching a movie, or just doing plain nothing.

    3. I’m the most paranoid optimitic person

    I always look on the bright side and think of the best outcome. There’s no point in being negative in life and drawing that energy near you. But on the same note if I get an ailment, I pretty much think I’m going to die and get hypochondriac tendencies. Something I’m seriously working on.

    4. I’m the healthiest unhealthy person

    OMG I love snacks! I love ice cream and pizza and candy and CUPCAKES!! But I was raised eating organic food and not a lot of meat. (My parents are vegetarian) When I grocery shop, I buy really healthy organic foods but when I go out to eat or pass my favorite cupcake shop… I’m weak guys!!

    But hey that’s me take it or leave it. Don’t be afraid to celebrate who you are! xo




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